Jarmila Domažlická

Urbanism - study of upper Malá strana square

The solved area is situated in the north of Rakovnik and is connected with other cities – Nove Strašecí and Praha. It has some working lock-ups with other areas in commuting to work and school. Approximately 20 % of economically active inhabitants commute to Rakovník. Following regional interests reach into this area: the motorway I/6 pass through the administrative village area, the village area is a part of the nature park Džbán,the area of the nature park has no plan of tourism development and it is not very well known among tourists so far.

The object of researches is processing of the area in order to: gather information about the solved area and about facts, which affect it, to an embracive list of area limits of the solved area, to analyze present situation and problems of the area, review of present situation and propose of possible future development of the area which is solved in “The Project of Development Area”.

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