Jarmila Domažlická

Urbanism - Scenic analysis of village

The solved area is situated in the north of Rakovnik and is connected with other cities – Nové Strašecí and Praha. The administrative village area is divided into two cadastral parts - Mutějovice a Lhota pod Džbánem. The solved area is the administrative area of the village Mutějovice. The country is characteristic for the rugged topography of the Rakovnik hilly country. The village appertain to the watershed of Líšanský creek and its inflows: Kounovský, Mutějovický a Lhotský creeks.

From a landscaping point of view a very important element is a close ridge Džbán (536 above sea level).The natural value consist in a distinct landscape character with hop-gardens, farming land without a presence of concomitant vegetation. The presence of erosion and washings is registered in the marked slopes. There is an extractive area – the spongilite mine. It is an exclusive deposit „ Mutějovice – Džbán“. CHLU (Protected coal deposit) Třeboc, where analects of supplies of black coal are situated in an exclusive deposit „ Perun-Richard“ has been closed. Coal extraction near Lhota was terminated in 60`s. The area is characteristic for floods caused by storm rainfalls, mainly the land of the wold is affected. Use of wold for housing and public infrastructure is risky.

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