Jarmila Domažlická

Exterior - Appartment building in old part of Prague

Purpose of this study was project of flats house for quadripartite family for young people. Very important was integrity of facade from early part of past century. Other requirement was about sculpture, which stands on dwarf – wall. It is remainder of baroque church. I decide to integrate this sculpture to northern façade of house and for that reason gallery is situated in ground floor in north part of house. I is the best place, because sculpture emphasizes commercial part of house and in this place is good entrance to gallery. In the second part of ground floor are technical facilities and cellars. Flats are in second and third floors. There is two big mezonet flats.

Architectonical characteristic of this object endeavours to respect neighbouring old development. Object has sloping roof with same slant as neighbouring houses. Colour of façade is light grey, because this street is fully by cars and this colour is stationary and others houses in this street have similar façade´s colour. In façade in the corner is long opening, which is full of glass and this opening emphasize baroque sculpture especially in night.

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