Jarmila Domažlická

Exterior - Nursary school in Říčany near Prague

The purpose of diploma thesis was to do nursery school project for 80 children, located in Říčany near Prague. Projected nursery school is placed in peaceful and wooded part of Říčany with family houses area. Because this object is located in this type of place, for that reason I decide to make up something with very clear and simply line and matter. It represented to use materials like glass, steel etc. But these kind of materials are very cold in human perception, for that reason I used very mellow colour like orange, yellow, red ect.

The school includes four classes (one class with 20 children), each class with bedroom, WC and game place. The main game place is shared by two classes. Operation is located on the 1 th floor. On the 2 nd floor is dining room which is used as multipurpose room. On the 2nd floor is also technical support for kitchen and employees. Nursery school is planned not only for children´s education but also for meeting with parents and their friends.

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