Jarmila Domažlická

Interior - Cultural centrum in Prague

Interior of this project is situated in old and broken complex Kotěra`s Waterworks in Prague. (Kotěra was a famous czech architect). The broad objective was to reconstruct the whole place and to create the new centre, which will transform this deserted space to a new area of meeting, relaxation and entertaiment.

I placed two small cinemas halls, a big main bar, two smaller bars, a parquet, four privacy floors and technical operation facilities in this project. I created main big space, which I divided to several smaller areas or corners with atmosphere of privacy. I tried to create this privacy by using different heights of ceilings. The second important big place is the parquet which is in same room as the main bar. The other rooms are complementary, but majority of visitors will use these rooms.

There are only two main colours in this interior, the first is orange, which is very warm and the second is blue, which is cold. I created distinctive contrast by using these two colours, which will attract visitors attention and make the vigilant. Nevertheless the other places like privacy corner are not designed in such big contrast because these floors will serve for relaxation. The parquet and the bar is a space, where colours are intended to sharpen senses for talking and hitting on a woman or a man (it depends on your sexual orientation).

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